Print Ready Files from InDesign or MS Word

Recently a friend tried to upload her book files to Createspace and had a terrible time getting the files accepted. After five or six times back and forth with Support, she emailed for advice.

It was simple. It was her first time to export files from Indesign, and she wasn’t using the correct export settings. So, I’ve created a couple 2-minute videos that help you export print-ready book files from either Indesign or MSWord.

Microsoft Word to Print Ready Book Files

If you can’t see this file, click here.

Export Print Ready Files from InDesign

If you can’t see this video, click here.

These videos are an experiment on my part. If you’d like videos on other topics related to children’s self-publishing, please leave a comment!

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    Very useful! Gave me everything I need to know to solve my issues with uploading from InDesign to CreateSpace. Thanks!

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    Yes, I do appreciate these videos, please consider more! (Or continue with your experiment). On a related note, I noticed the indie pub workshop was not listed on Highlights calendar this year. Are you going to teach that material another way or another time? If so, or even if not, I’d like to know via email, please?

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      There will likely be a workshop at Highlights, but we haven’t nailed down a date, yet.
      I’ll let you know.

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